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July 2012 Winners

1st Place - 956%

2nd Place - 873%

3rd Place - 494%

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June 2012 Winners

1st Place - 1,809 %

2nd Place - 1,111 %

3rd Place - 953 %

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Note: Above Returns Typically Entail EXTREMELY Aggressive HIGH RISK, HIGH LEVERAGE Trading






















Our mission is to help you learn or perfect a unique way to earn an independent living harvesting net profits from daily up and down price movements within the global currency markets -- the world's most profitable trading markets. 

Many people have never heard of the Global Interbank Currency Market (known among professionals as "Forex"). Yet it is the world's largest financial market, with an estimated average daily turnover of more than $1.5 trillion. Participation in this market has expanded steadily over the past several decades, fueled by increasing levels of international trade and tourism. An increasing number of banks, investment companies and individual traders are choosing to participate in this electronic marketplace -- some banks are now making 40 to 60 percent of their total profits trading currencies.

Thanks to leading, regulated forex marketmakers in the US and UK you can individually harvest profits from the daily price movements within the Global Interbank Currency Market -- up AND down -- of the Euro, Japanese Yen, British Pound, and/or Swiss Franc in relation to the U.S. Dollar from anywhere within the expanding reach of the Internet.

Day trading is being pursued in a variety of financial markets, including the NASDAQ stock exchange. For good day traders, the forex market is clearly the most lucrative market to trade in. Because of the high degree of leverage available in the forex market, day trading in foreign currencies is a high risk business activity, and cannot be pursued on a casual basis.

However, there are a number of major risks associated with most other entrepreneurial activities that you will not face as a day trader! These include the substantial risks associated with having to find, sell to, please or collect money from clients or customers. With foreign currency trading via Internet, it's just you, your analytic tools, your broker and a massive financial market that operates 24 hours a day around the world whether you decide to participate or not. It is a full-time occupation, although during the trading day it does not necessarily require your full attention if you are good at "keeping an eye" on one activity while conducting others.

It is the high degree of leverage available to forex traders that enables them to pursue truly outstanding potential profits. With margin requirements of 1 percent, a trader with a $5,000 opening balance in his or her trading account can easily have positions worth $100,000 open at any given moment while maintaining necessary reserves for price fluctuation. This leverage makes it possible to earn a return on working capital of 50-100 percent or more each month. But you must master basic skills and disciplines before you put real money at risk, since this high degree of leverage also means that you could rapidly lose money.

You can develop your skills in 3 stages:

  1. Using a demo account, with no real money involved, you can practice and test the skills that the books recommended below can help you learn - prove to yourself whether you can make money or not before putting your money at risk. For more about demo account trading, click here.
  2. Using a micro account, with only a small amount of money at risk, extensively test your psychological ability to withstand the routine losses and gains associated with day trading. For more information about micro account trading, click here.
  3. Once you have gained the necessary experience of trading real money over time - we recommend at least a year of micro account trading - graduate to an account large enough to support yourself as a professional day trader.

If you can master the skills and disciplines required to be a successful forex trader, you will enjoy an unprecedented degree of personal freedom. You can live and earn a substantial income anywhere within the reach of the Internet since all of your trading can be done via the Internet. You will also never have to work for anyone ever again -- no bosses and no customers to please!

Books featured below can provide a wealth of information that can give you a good foundation for developing your trading skills:

  • Forex Trading - The Basics Explained in Simple Terms (Bonus System incl. videos), by Jim Brown - Available from
  • Forex For Beginners, by Anna Coulling - Available from 
  • The Black Book of Forex Trading: A Proven Method to Become a Profitable Trader in Four Months and Reach Your Financial Freedom by Doing it, by Paul Langer - Available from

If you need a personal trading trainer and coach to work with, we know of none better than Jimmy Young of  Jimmy has acquired nearly 30 years of experience in foreign exchange trading, including key executive positions, from some of the most prestigious world financial institutions such as Société Générale, Fuji Bank, Manufacturers Hanover, and Paribas. Jimmy offers the best foreign exchange training in the industry by providing a unique and personalized learning environment. Unlike all too many trading seminar programs, Jimmy's is not a fly-by-night operation that will only teach you a few concepts. Jimmy offers a highly dedicated learning environment geared to make you succeed in FX trading. This is achieved by Jimmy’s personal dedication, drive, and perseverance in teaching his students backed by decades of know-how of the foreign exchange markets.


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